xPlug technologies is purely an ICT company with inclination in software development. We empower businesses from small to medium and large scale enterprise. Our solution model ranges from simple to complex service platforms.

Broadly speaking, we deliver services and empower businesses using both software and hardware solutions. Our software solution ranges from single user to multi-user – multi – variant systems.
We are grossly involved in software development, business modeling, IT training and certifications, software quality assurance and testing, data hosting, SMS SIM hosting, SMS gateway provision, and inverter power solutions

We have delivered solutions in the following key Sectors

Government Sector

  • e-Payment
  • Electronic Bill Payment
  • Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) Management
  • Subscription Payment
  • National Statistical Yearbook Management
  • Statistical Database Management
  • Electronic Procurement (e-Procurement)
  • Online Registration (Job recruitment)
Private Sector
    Corporate Solutions

  • SMS Gateway Provider
  • E-commerce
  • Online Payments and Application Processing
  • Payroll Management System
  • Lottery Enhancement Management Systems
  • Property Management System
  • Office Plus (Office Administration)
Small Business Solutions (Open Source Solutions)
  • Laundry management Software
  • Small Office Manager (Office Bonus)
  • Transport Revenue Collector
  • eTranzact
  • interswitch
Educational Sector
  • Online Exam Preparatory Test
  • Educational Aid Systems
  • xPlug Software Academy

Service Delivery Model

Solutions are delivered on-shelf and on request.
Our service delivery models include