Who we are

xPlug Technologies Limited is an emerging Information Technology company. Incorporated in Nigeria, xPlug Technologies is focusing on software design and engineering, software analysis, software consultancy and services.

The Company was borne out of passion for total integrity in service delivery. Companies have emerged, great corporations also are existing but only few of such have embedded in them service integrity. Let us simply say, “The collapse of Great Corporations in recent time is lack of sincere corporate culture or simply cultural mismatch in the core value systems”. As an emerging company, xPlug Technologies is built on the foundation of excellent corporate cultures that are purely energized with absolute service integrity.

xPlug is fully equipped with teams of professionals who are young, energetic, amiable, smart and excellent in service delivery processes. Our key officers are garnished with wealth of experiences, broad knowledge of ICT delivery and management coupled with excellent track records in all areas of information technology. Our client engagement personals are best at building excellent customer service relationships.

From start to finish, xPlug believes in total customer satisfaction and superb clientele base filled with happy customers always excited to do business at all level with us. Our testimonials speak for us. We are fully satisfied with the kind of feedback from our clients. Check us out today and you too will be filled with same testimonies.

Our Vision Statement
“To build a strong ICT-based community where businesses are empowered to the grassroots; and strong human capital development is the hub of success.”
Our Mission Statement
“To provide excellent services in the fields of Information Technology; empowering human capacity for perfect delivery of such services by riding on the platform of service integrity.”
Our Core Values
Services Integrity

To Provide Selfless Services with a basement of Integrity as the live wire of our business operations

Earn Clients Trust and Confidence

Our aim is to earn customer's trust and confidence through personal attention, passion for what we do and commitment to long-lasting relationship. We will go an extra mile to deliver you a measurable business value and help you adopt and succeed in the internet.

Respect for Humanity

To respect and cherish the most important creature of God and to handle all matters with fairness and understanding

Fanatic Approach to Customer Satisfaction

To provide innovative and excellent services that will result in total customer satisfaction.


What we do

xPlug technologies is purely an ICT company with inclination in software development. We empower businesses from small to medium and large scale enterprise. Our solution model ranges from simple to complex service platforms.

Broadly speaking, we deliver services and empower businesses using both software and hardware solutions. Our software solution ranges from single user to multi-user – multi – variant systems.

We are grossly involved in software development, business modeling, IT training and certifications, software quality assurance and testing, data hosting, SMS SIM hosting, SMS gateway provision, and inverter power solutions